Dental Hope for Children focuses primarily on pediatric dentistry because they are the most vulnerable in the areas we serve. Dental care is desperately needed in the locations below and is underserved in most populations there. With your generous help we are able to provide oral healthcare, hygiene education and supplies as well as enhance smiles to thousands each year. We follow the ADEA guidelines and best practices of dentistry programming. Each of the following locations offers its own unique opportunity for service. Give us a call, or send us an email to find out which location best fits your talents, skills and interests.

Dental Hope for Children is currently serving, with love, the following countries


When someone mentions Africa, Kenya is the location most recalled by those living outside of the country. This is the land of the Maasai, the Turkana, Kikuyu, Swahili and the Samburu, of the elephant, lion and giraffe. It is also an area riddled with poverty and ill health. Our base of operations works out of Kissumu.
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Uganda is located in the eastern portion of Africa, and has become a melting pot for many seeking refuge. Nearly 30 different languages are spoken here. We work with many other organizations in this country to provide dental care, help with community outreach, help build churches as well as provide bibles. Our outreach takes part in the northern part of the country at a place called Rhino Camp.
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Dominican Republic

Located close to Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic experiences great hardship when it comes to maintaining dental healthcare. Most of the country suffers from devastating poverty. Haiti is also located on the Island and many refugees come into the Dominican Republic seeking asylum. When possible we also serve those living in the Haitian refugee communities near the border. Primarily our work is based in Puerto Plata in Santa Domingo, the nation’s capital. We operate out of base camps in Jicaro and Zacapa.Travel scheduled for May 2020.
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Located on the beautiful blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, the country is bounded by the countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt. Many refugees fleeing the border countries have sought asylum in Israel. Many of the children we treat have come to Israel to escape certain death in their own homelands. We work primarily in Jerusalem, but have also ventured into Amman in Jordan to offer critical assistance.
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As one of our closest neighbors Mexico’s health care system is overburdened and there is a shortage of dentists. If you are interested in volunteering abroad but don’t want to go far from the U.S., then this may be a very good starter trip to see if this type of field service is for you. Our base of operations is located at our base camp in Machacos.
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Often called the “land of many trees” Guatemala teems with natural beauty. It is a very colorful country and everywhere you look there are vibrant reds, greens and indigo. Guatemala’s people still have traditions that originated thousands of years ago with the great Mayan civilizations. Today it is reported that over 1.6 million people living in Guatemala have unmet needs that are critical, including access to dental care. Our ministry focuses on the larger population areas in and near Guatemala City, the capital of the country. Travel scheduled for May 2020.
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Nestled at the crossroads between three of the world’s most prominent religions, Christianity, Judaism and Islam, Jordan is a desert country filled with mountains, blue skies and sand. The rock city of Petra is a famous tourist site. The country has been independent since 1946 and is surrounded by the countries of Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Israel.
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Rwanda is a stunning and lush paradise, and is one of the smallest countries in Africa. Rwanda has seen its share of hardships, most notably the genocide that took place in 1994. Over 800,000 people were slaughtered. The country has since recovered from this atrocity and has become the best country in Africa for women and for those wishing to start a business. However, dental care is still lagging in this area. 18% of those who die in Rwanda each year die from treatable oral diseases that could have been prevented.
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Dental Hope for Children is a nonprofit organization reaching out to the poorest of poor children of the world in the field of dentistry.

Become a Volunteer Abroad

Loads of missionaries bring medical care to impoverished countries, but to date, dental care is an under-served area. And the ones suffering the most from this are children. There are a variety of dental volunteer projects, both at home in a support role, or on the ground, in which you can participate.

Become a Volunteer at Home

If you’ve ever wanted to give of your time and talents but were unsure how to go about it….please consider volunteering with Dental Hope for Children. There are numerous ways to become involved without leaving home. GREAT for community service hours.

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